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Jalen Ramsey ‘Straight Facts’ t-shirt now available

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was ejected from Sunday’s win against the Cincinnati Bengals for “fighting,” but really he was attacked from behind by wide receiver A.J. Green after Green grew increasingly frustrated with Ramsey’s jabs and trash talk. According to Ramsey, he didn’t say anything other than tell Green that he was “soft and weak” and that his “time was up.” As Jalen says, “Them is just straight facts.”

Ramsey held Green to just one reception for six yards, as he repeatedly reminded everyone.

The “Straight Facts” shirt celebrates the truth bombs spoken by Jalen Ramsey with the picture to perfectly show his attitude. He’s the guy every Jaguars fan loves and every other fan loves to hate.

The shirts are $25 ($26 for XXL).

Get your t-shirt here!