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Tashaun Gipson hopes the Jaguars ‘hang 40’ on the Browns

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a season of exercising demons, both for fans and some players. The Jaguars beat up on A.J. Bouye’s old team in Week 1, crushing the Houston Texans. Last week against the Los Angeles Chargers the Jaguars pulled out a classic game that the Gus Bradley led Jaguars would routinely end up losing. Next up, safety Tashaun Gipson faces his old team in the Cleveland Browns and it doesn’t sound like there is any love lost on his old team.

"I truly hope that we hang 40 on them," Gipson told ESPN's Freddie and Fitz radio show on Monday. "Their offense probably shouldn't score against our defense and I'm excited.”

Gipson spent his first four seasons with the Cleveland Browns after signing as an undrafted free agent, making the Pro Bowl in 2014, prior to signing with the Jaguars in free agency in 2016. After a disappointing first season with the Jaguars, Gipson is finally starting to emerge as the playmaking safety that most fans thought they were getting, especially now that he doesn’t have to babysit the other safety and the rest of the secondary. A lot of players like to downplay going against their former team, but it sure sounds like Gipson is looking forward to and hoping to put a beating on the Browns.

"It's personal, but yet at the end of the day you're still blessed ... knowing that I'm in a situation right now where I don't look back about it,” Gipson added on Freddie and Fitz. “I don't look back with any regrets. I'm extremely excited with where I'm at right now, but you know it's definitely going to be personal man, for sure."

The matchup in general is a tough one for the Browns, who have won just two of their last 36 games and have had a revolving door at the quarterback position. The quarterback position is one that Gipson mentioned that the Browns have continuously bungled over the years and he also thinks the Browns end up going 0-16. For all he said about the Browns as an organization, Gipson made sure to make note that he had nothing against Browns fans.

"It's a blessing to get out of a situation like that. It's a blessing to get out of Cleveland," Gipson told ESPN's Freddie and Fitz radio show. "And that's to not say anything about the city, man. Because when I was there, man, I love the fans. They got loyal fans there.”

Given how the past six or so years have gone for the Jaguars, you can relate to Browns fans and what’s going on. As for Sunday however, it’s unlikely things get any better for the Browns or rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer, as I’m sure Gipson is going to be looking to make a big play happen.