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Big Cat Country Q&A: How much credit for this season goes to Doug Marrone?

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Cleveland Browns!

Doofus from Stafford, VA

Q: Blake Bortles almost Bortled the last game. From 1 to Bortles, what are the Bortles that Blake Bortles Bortles this game?

A: Bortles.

Kyle from Fernandina Beach, FL

Q: Keep hearing "trap game" vs. Cleveland... any thoughts? Go Jags!

A: The game this week is not a trap game. It’s not even close. The Browns have shown absolutely no signs of life this year, their coaching staff is inept, their quarterback is completing 50 percent of his passes, and the only thing they know how to do is stop the run — which is a bit of misguided statistic because they’re losing by an average of almost 11 points per game. They’ve lost five of their nine games by at least two scores and it’s about to be six out of 10. Trap games require the other team to be sneaky good at something. The Browns don’t fall into that category.

Michael from Prescott, AZ

Q: If Dede Westbrook goes off will the Jaguars be forced to make him a bigger part of the offense?

A: I think Westbrook is in line to get a lot of opportunities with how thin our receiving corps currently is.

Evan from Pensacola, FL

Q: Let’s say the Los Angeles Rams get the No. 1 seed in the NFC and the Jaguars get the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Which of the coaches gets the Coach of the Year award?

A: Sean McVay. I think he’s done more with less.

Achu from Lutz, FL

Q: Do we get Tyrod Taylor now or next year?

A: Next year, hopefully. But I think Bortles is the starting quarterback for Week 1 next year (unfortunately).

Josh from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you anticipate the weather being a factor in this game?

A: Nope.

Brad from Richmond, VA

Q: Who will have the better day between Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook?

A: Keelan.

Connor from Perth, Australia

Q: Out of all the teams the Browns are yet to play, how likely do you think it is the Jaguars will be the first among them to give Cleveland a win?

A: Not likely at all. Sorry, Connor.

Andrew from Thibadoux, LA

Q: Certainly the Jags have been terrible for the past decade. We have turned the ship around and seem to be close to becoming a serious contender. What is it that the Browns do that makes them unable to progress as a franchise?

A: An unwillingness to go after a franchise quarterback and instead take chances on second-tier guys.

Bob from Orange Park, FL

Q: If we were to get a couple of scores down early in this game, say a punt return for a touchdown and a tipped pick-six, would you expect this team, especially this offense, to overcome that or would you panic a bit?

A: If we were to what, Bob?

Sid from River Falls, WI

Q: How much credit for this season goes to Doug Marrone and the coaching staff? I used to think coaching didn't really matter but after seeing this defense and Bortles playing well (most of the time) I've reconsidered.

A: Doug will get a few nods his way when it comes to Coach of the Year honors. I think he’s done a fantastic job and had the best inaugural year of any head coach in franchise history. A ton of credit goes his way for introducing a brand new culture and getting every bit of value squeezed out of this quarterback situation.