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Big Cat Country Q&A: Will Jaguars lean on Blake Bortles or Leonard Fournette more vs. Bengals?

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals!

Tyler from Pickens, GA

Q: Is the defense going to be legendary this week?

A: They’re going to get a lot of sacks. That Bengals offensive line is very, very bad.

James from West Liberty, KY

Q: I'm sorry if I've missed this but has Dede Westbrook been activated yet from IR and if so how many snaps would you anticipate him getting as they ease him into the lineup?

A: He’s been activated and he’s practicing, but I don’t know how many snaps I see him getting this week. I could see him being inactive and then coming back against the Los Angeles Chargers at home next week. For when he’s fully healthy, he’s the No. 3 receiver, so I could see him getting plenty of snaps.

Demetrius from Indianapolis, IN

Q: If Marcell Dareus emerges as the All-Pro player he once was, which defensive tackle becomes expendable at season’s end?

A: Abry Jones.

Mark from Trenton, NJ

Q: The Jaguars have one of the easiest remaining schedules in the entire NFL. What should be the goal for this nine-game stretch?

A: Win six of them with three of those against each of our divisional opponents. Get double-digit wins and a home playoff game.

Alex from Austin, TX

Q: What one thing do you guys believe will make or break the remainder of the season?

A: Injuries. How well can this team stay healthy? And who will get bit by the injury bug in the second half of the season? Keep your eyes on the offensive line and running backs.

Warlord from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Are Andy Dalton’s mobility and playmaking ability on the decline at all?

A: There’s very little not on the decline with the Bengals offense.

Conner from Rochester, WA

Q: Overall, how has Leonard Fournette done in the coaches’ eyes?

A: He’s literally surpassed every expectation.

Addison from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Typically when one side of the ball does as well as the Jaguars’ defense has done, the coordinator or assistant coach for them gets looked at as a potential head coach for another team. Do you see that happening for any of the staff after this year? Or do you think we will have continuity with our staff for at least a couple more years?

A: I could definitely see Todd Wash getting some looks after this season. He’s a great coordinator, don’t get me wrong. But I think we can rest easy knowing whomever will replace him gets to inherit this defense. Don’t be surprised if other coordinators want to make a lateral movement to this young, talented defense.

Bradley from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you think we'll lean more on Leonard or Blake in this game?

A: You lean on your best players no matter who the opponent is.