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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Can defense carry this team to a Super Bowl?

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Can this defense carry the Jacksonville Jaguars to a Super Bowl? -
To fans and media, this is the 2017 Jaguars in a nutshell: bad quarterback, strong rookie tailback, great defense. Can the Jaguars win the underwhelming AFC South?

But tell the story from back to front, the way head coach Doug Marrone and front office czar Tom Coughlin see it: Great defense, strong rookie tailback, bad quarterback. From their perspective, the question is: Can the Jaguars reach Super Bowl 52? Seriously.

6 Jacksonville Jaguars players who stood out against the Cleveland Browns -
The Jacksonville Jaguars played their sloppiest game of the season and still won. The offense was putrid, special teams had its miscues and missed opportunities, and the defense was the only reason this game was even close.


Against the Cleveland Browns.

Who stood out today? Let’s get to it.

Jacksonville Jaguars get ugly win over Cleveland Browns, but that can’t last -
The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Cleveland Browns 19-7 on Sunday to take a one-game lead in the AFC South. And while it was a jubilant locker room, head coach Doug Marrone and several players all said the same thing: Winning ugly is great, but it's not sustainable.

The second half of the season is when teams are supposed to gather momentum for the playoff push, but dumb mistakes and injuries to key players on the offensive line have had the Jaguars (7-3) stuck in survival mode the past two games. They won both games -- which is something multiple players have said wouldn't have happened last season -- but they know they have to start playing better.