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2017 NFL playoff picture: Jaguars are now No. 3 seed in AFC

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars lead the AFC South with a 7-3 record, control their own destiny with six games to go, and are (gulp!) the No. 3 seed in the AFC playoff race.

No, really.

After beating the Cleveland Browns and then watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans lose their respective games, the Jaguars sit alone at No. 3 — no tiebreakers needed.

AFC playoff breakdown

No. 1 seed — Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2): For now, the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the tiebreaker but there’s a very important Week 15 showdown at home against the New England Patriots that will probably determine the top two seeds in the AFC. Opponents left: vs. GB, at CIN, vs. BAL, vs. NE, at HOU, vs. CLE

No. 2 seed — New England Patriots (8-2): An early-season struggle leaves the Patriots out of first place, but like I said above a late-season showdown will determine who gets homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Opponents left: at OAK, vs. MIA, at BUF, at MIA, at PIT, vs. BUF, vs. NYJ

No. 3 seed — Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3): No tiebreakers needed, the Jaguars are the third-best team in the AFC and beat the Steelers early in the season. If they can win out (no, seriously!) and the Steelers lose to the Patriots — oh, baby! Opponents left: at ARI, vs. IND, vs. SEA, vs. HOU, at SF, at TEN

No. 4 seed — Kansas City Chiefs (6-4): Alex Smith sucks now. Sorry, Sully. Opponents left: vs. BUF, at NYJ, vs. OAK, vs. LAC, vs. MIA, at DEN

No. 5 seed — Tennessee Titans (6-4): The AFC South has the third-best team in the AFC and the top Wild Card team by a full game. What year is this? Opponents left: at IND, vs. HOU, at ARI, at SF, vs. LAR, vs. JAX

No. 6 seed — Baltimore Ravens (5-5): Wait, what? If you’d have asked me blindfolded to tell you the Ravens record I would have said 3-7 or something. How did 5-5 even happen, much less get them the last Wild Card spot? Opponents left: vs .HOU, vs. DET, at PIT, at CLE, vs. IND, vs. CIN

In the hunt: Buffalo Bills (5-5), Miami Dolphins (4-6), New York Jets (4-6). Until the Bills take their head out of Nathan Peterman’s ass, the Jets are far and away the best team out of this bunch. But if the Jaguars hold steady to the No. 3 spot, I’d much rather see the Ravens hobble their way to EverBank Field for a Wild Card Weekend rematch.