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James Lofton thinks Blake Bortles was effective because it was cloudy

The Jacksonville Jaguars won a game, so that means we get to hear excuses as to why that win was less about them and more about the underwhelming performance of their opponent or some other extenuating circumstance.

Bill O’Brien doesn’t have the guts to start Deshaun Watson for Week 1.

Joe Flacco is over the hill.

Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t have it anymore.

The Colts are, well... you know what? The Colts are really bad.

And now the latest excuse — it was cloudy.

After the Week 9 blowout, CBS analyst James Lofton was answering fellow commentator Andrew Catalon’s praise of Blake Bortles against the Bengals. But instead of giving Bortles credit in his own right, he gave credit to... the weather?

“We had a little cloudy conditions and that cloudiness is making me hesitate to maybe elevate Blake Bortles like I should,” Lofton said on Sunday afternoon. “300 yards passing last week against the Indianapolis Colts and then today — the third down passing, I mean it was there time and time again.”

Here’s the funny thing about the weather, Jimmy — both teams played under the same sky. If you want to compare Bortles’ performance to one where a quarterback was blinded by the incompetence of an owner who builds a new stadium despite not knowing how the sun works, fine. But you can’t use the clouds when comparing two quarterbacks who played in the same stadium.

I sure hope the Jaguars put out a weather report on Sunday morning so that Phillip Rivers knows what he’s up against.