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Gus Bradley isn’t focused on Jaguars ‘revenge’ and why would he?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

On my TweetDeck tab on my laptop I have a “Jaguars/#Jaguars” search tab open, so I can keep track of news if it’s from someone I don’t personally follow on Twitter. On Tuesday while I was traveling to Orlando to go to Epcot for the day with my family, I saw a headline that almost made me spit out my water in laughter and book marked it to read later.

The headline read: “Gus Bradley focused on Bolts, not Jags revenge game.


The definition of revenge is as follows: inflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong done to (someone else).

What type of revenge would Gus Bradley be looking for? Why would you ask him that question? Bradley bluntly said “No,” when he was asked and moved on, but why on Earth would you even ask him that?

He wasn’t done wrong by the Jaguars. If anything, Jacksonville Jaguars fans should be looking for revenge when he comes to down on Sunday. He spent four seasons with the Jaguars as their head coach and won 14 games. Doug Marrone, who was hired this offseason, has already matched Bradley’s highest season win total in just eight games and is two games over .500, something Bradley never did.

"To me, you're happy for them," Bradley told the Chargers official website. "You can't not care for players that you were with for so many years. To see them do well and play at a high level, and some of them get rewarded because of it, I think that's cool. I'm all for that."

Bradley is a consummate nice guy and always has a bright side look to things. That was something that turned fans on him quickly, but if nothing else he’s a genuine guy and as a person is hard to hate.

But man, why would you ask him if he was looking for revenge on a franchise that probably waited too long to fire him?