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William Poehls would make a great skill player on the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars could use two things: an upgrade at tight end and BIG GUY TOUCHDOWNS so what better way to kill two birds with one stone (sorry, birds) than to try offensive tackle William Poehls out at tight end.

Poehls is the tallest player on the roster and at 6’ 8” he stands two full inches above current tight end Marcedes Lewis. He could just stand in the end zone and he’d never be overthrown, right? And he probably played basketball at some point. I mean, you kind of have to when you’re that tall. So, he’s probably sort of athletic?

Another option is probably Brandon Linder who has the athleticism to play inside on the offensive line. I bet if you give him the rock he’d at the very least fall down and get you two yards.

What do you think? Which offensive lineman do you think is best suited for a skill position?