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Jaguars offer Philip Rivers his toughest test yet

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars welcome a familiar foe to EverBank Field on Sunday in Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers has been the bane of the Jaguars defense since I can remember, as he just seems to have a knack for obliterating Cover-3 base defenses, which is what the Jaguars run.

For a lot of fans, that is what is making fans worry about the game coming up on Sunday as a win, because Rivers seems to just own the Jaguars defense. It’s one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it,” type of things with Rivers, but even Rivers knows it’s a bit different this season.

“This is certainly the best group of guys they’ve had together,” Rivers told reporters prior to Wednesday’s practice. “They’re playing really well, with a lot of confidence, and they’re playing fast. They’re all active and relentless in the way they rush.”

The Jaguars lead the NFL in sacks and are currently first in points allowed with 14.6 and have the best pass defense in the NFL. Interestingly the Jaguars have only allowed seven points in the past eight quarters, so it’s been exceedingly tough to score on the defense the deeper the season goes. Not only has the Jaguars defense been tough to score on, but they’re also generated the third most takeaways in the league, which has led to a league leading 77 points off turnovers.

Rivers is having what could be considered a bounce back season from last year, where he threw 21 interceptions, with just six through the first eight games. While the Chargers only have three wins, Rivers is always there looming in Jaguars fans’ heads. He’s a boogy-man that they’ll need to get rid over before some believe they can do any real damage in the playoffs, as he’s probably the best quarterback outside of Russell Wilson left on the Jaguars schedule.

If the Jaguars defense can shut down someone like Rivers, who has absolutely destroyed them in the past, then the confidence level of every game going forward is going to be sky-high.