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Don’t let a Gatorade bottle distract you from the Jaguars being 9-4

I’m sure most Jacksonville Jaguars fans turned on Sunday Night Football when they got home from the game excited to see what the analysts had to say about the team’s win against the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately most of the talk centered around the Seahawks players baby raging at the end of the game and most notably the Jaguars fan who threw a Gatorade bottle at ejected Seahawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson.

Ok, it was in the moment. It will pass. Everyone agrees that fans shouldn’t throw stuff at players from the stands. If you want to hope out of the stands and throw something at a player, good luck with your life, but there’s no reason where a fan should throw something at a player. I think we all agree with that.

Open up MMQB from Peter King early Monday morning as you’re sipping your coffee at your desk, wondering what nugget he’ll drop about the Jaguars win and you get...


The Jacksonville fans. There is much blame to go around in the Seattle-Jacksonville game—Michael Bennett rolling into the legs of Jacksonville center Brandon Linder was terrible in that end-of-game fiasco—but the Jaguar fans were particularly shameful in the midst of one of their biggest wins in a decade. A fan threw something (it appeared to be a can) that hit Seattle wideout Tyler Lockett in the back, and several fans threw things—ice, and something green—at ejected Seahawk defensive end Quinton Jefferson, causing Jefferson to try to climb into the stands after the fans.


I admittedly didn’t see anyone throw something at Tyler Lockett and the fan who hit Jefferson in the face with the Gatorade bottle is an idiot and should be banned from Everbank, but I think that Michael Bennett trying to take out someone’s livelihood is a much bigger deal than some asshole chucking something on to the field. I’m not even mad at Jefferson for losing it and trying to climb into the stands, he got hit in the face.

Bennett tried to take out a player’s knee, purposefully, during a game. Let’s adjust the scales a little bit here, because everyone agrees you shouldn’t throw crap from the stands so I think we can move on from it.

Don’t let a Gatorade bottle distract you from the Seahawks defensive lineman being a bunch of babies and the Jaguars sitting at 9-4 and the No. 3 seed in the AFC.