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NFL determined Michael Bennett was ‘diving for the football’

On Tuesday we learned that the NFL was unlikely to suspend any of the Seattle Seahawks players for the situation at the end of the Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Seahawks. The Seahawks were flagged multiple times for personal fouls, including having two players ejected during the kneel down, and shockingly none of the players ended up suspended.

One player that seemed like an obvious suspension was Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett, who after swiping at the snap during the kneel down dove into the back of Jaguars center Brandon Linder’s knee. It’s very clear from the video this had nothing to do with trying to get the football, like the initial roll at Linder’s knee, but the NFL apparently thinks differently.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter on NFL Live Wednesday morning parroted a league source, stating that, “they [the NFL] determined that Michael Bennett was really diving for the football, not at the knees of a Jaguars player.”

So, I just want to make sure I understand: Bennett was diving at the football, long after the play was over, through the back of another player’s legs?

Yeah, I think I’m going to call bullshit on that. Let’s take a look at the video and see what the NFL is looking at.

Here you have the initial snap, where Bennett is at the legs of Linder. Here, I understand saying he’s going for the ball. Ok. Fine. It’s still stupid, but I’ll buy it. Blake Bortles is clearly holding the ball in his hand in the air, though.

Let’s look a few seconds later, nowhere near the ball and oh look it’s Michael Bennett TAKING OUT THE BACK OF LINDER’S KNEE.

Just for good measure, here’s the full video of the sequence and even the announcers pointing out it’s a dirty play by Michael Bennett, how he should have been ejected and how he should be suspended.

Give me a break NFL. What a bunch of cowards. Player safety my ass.