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Big Cat Country Q&A: If Blake Bortles continues to play like this, what do we do at quarterback?

Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Houston Texans!

Kyle from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Q: If Blake Bortles continues to play like he is now, what should the Jaguars do with the quarterback position in the offseason?

A: If Blake finishes out the season (and that includes the playoffs) playing like he has the past two weeks, he will get a contract extension and be penciled in as our starter for 2018. There’s no way around that. He played magnificently against the Indianapolis Colts and was the biggest reason we beat the Seattle Seahawks. If he puts this team on his back and we go deep into the playoffs, I’ll be the first one clamoring for a contract extension. However — I think drafting a guy in the second or third round isn’t out of the question and I’d be in favor of that as well. But the bigger point is Bortles would be looked at as our long-term answer with the quarterback position.

Evan from Pensacola, FL

Q: Do we get 10 sacks?

A: I think we get more.

Josh from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Does T.J. Yates have any chance at success against our defense?

A: No, not really. Unless the offense and special teams completely implode like they did against the Los Angeles Rams, there’s no chance Yates wins on Sunday — and that means a playoff berth for the first time since 2007. If you’re in or around Jacksonville, I implore you, go to the game. There’s no easier opponent left on our schedule to clinch the playoffs and it’s a chance to watch history. Do whatever you need to do to be at that game on Sunday. You’ll be glad you did.

Melvin from Ventura, CA

Q: Do you forsee the Jaguars being overconfident in this game?

A: Yes. I also see them winning by 20.

Steve from Sydney, Australia

Q: Does Yannick have the best twitter handle in all of the NFL?

A: I like @YannGetSacks91. One of the best handles for one of the best defensive ends in football today. Oh.

Rameses from Atlanta, GA

Q: Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger seem to need clean pockets and open receivers to be effective. So... Super Bowl?

A: The Jaguars might be the best team in the AFC. I’m not so sure that’s a stretch to say anymore.

Jonathon from New York City, New York

Q: Last time the Jaguars made playoffs was 2007. How does the team this year compare to that year? Is this year's team worse, better, or about the same? Give me hope that the Jaguars might win some games.

A: This is a great question! Let’s see — well, Blake Bortles is playing better than David Garrard right now, although Garrard was an efficiency machine. He completed over 64 percent of his throws and had just three interceptions all season. But Blake is more productive and putting more of the offense on his back. The 2007 team had Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. While Leonard Fournette is good, imagine having two of him. That’s how confident we felt in our running game. And that offensive line was better in terms of run blocking. But the receivers are better this year, even with Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns out.

As far as the defense, this year’s group is overall better — which is absolutely saying something. We had Rashean Mathis, Mike Peterson, Daryl Smith, Marcus Stroud, and John Henderson and man were they good. Our run defense and interior pass rushing in 2007 was so, so good but this year’s edge rushers are better. This year’s secondary is a historically good secondary. I have never seen anything this good. We might have two All-Pro cornerbacks and two Pro Bowl caliber safeties. I’ve never seen that.

Holly from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why don’t they do individual player introductions anymore? I really enjoyed those.

A: Me too. They should bring it back.

Barry from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Will it be hard for DeAndre Hopkins to compete Sunday without being emotionally shaken lining up against his father Jalen Ramsey?

A: Never go against the family.