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Will you cry when the Jacksonville Jaguars make the playoffs?

Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Late Thursday night, I posed a question to Twitter:

“Will you cry when the Jacksonville Jaguars make the playoffs this week?”

Below are the results.

First, I’m quite happy that there are literally thousands of you who are secure enough to admit that yes, tears will be shed when the decade-long playoff drought we’ve endured is over.

Second, I want you to know I’ll be right alongside you. I mean, if I cried during A Muppet Christmas Carol you can be damn sure I’m going to choke up when the Jaguars make the playoffs.

And lastly, for the few hundred of you who voted no — why?

So what about you? What will you be doing when the Jaguars clinch the playoffs this Sunday? Will you be running around the house? Silently pumping your fist on the couch? Hugging your fellow fan in the stands at EverBank Field?

Or will you, like me, be weeping openly at a season that (finally) won’t end in December?