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What one thing would you change about the Jaguars’ season?

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In a Jacksonville Jaguars season whose ceiling was supposed to be six or seven wins and has turned into a possible first round bye in the playoffs and the defense, what would you change?

That was the question posed to us by our friends at SB Nation — and frankly, I’m stumped.

The team is quite literally firing on all cylinders and the things I would change have already been changed. We got rid of an inconsistent kicking game and signed Josh Lambo. We were honest about how bad our run defense was and went out and traded for Marcell Dareus.

Maybe the one thing I’d change is flipping whatever switch went off in Blake Bortles’ head a few months earlier. If he had been playing all season as well as he has the last three weeks, we’d be undefeated. Easily. The early losses to the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets do not happen. The Los Angeles Rams don’t have enough fluke special teams plays in the world to overcome it. And the Arizona Cardinals don’t win on a last-second kick.

I don’t know if that’s changeable, but it’s what I’d choose. Funny thing is, if Bortles plays like this into the playoffs and he gets that extension, next season could be just that.

What about you? What would you change?