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What grade would you give the Jaguars through the third quarter of the season?

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

As the Jacksonville Jaguars prepare for their final four games, they sit at 8-4 and in complete control of their playoff destiny — they’re the No. 5 seed in the AFC and they have a clear path to the AFC South lead.

Having watching the games however, I think even 3-1 is probably a bit of a disappointment in the third quarter of the season. How in the world did we lose to the Arizona Cardinals and Blaine Gabbert?

But quibbling about a game here or a game there aside, this team is doing better than it has in a decade. How have they been on all sides of the ball as well as coaching?


@AlfieBCC: C

@ryaneatscake: C-

@zach_goodall: C+

@marhsim: C

@ryanobleness: B-

Just above average is the consensus. That could seem high based on what games you’re looking at. The losses to the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets were squarely on the offense not being able to do its job, but Blake Bortles has been superb in games against the Baltimore Ravens and both against the Indianapolis Colts.


@AlfieBCC: A+

@ryaneatscake: A+

@zach_goodall: A

@marhsim: A+

@ryanobleness: A+

Best defense in the league. Somehow they missed straight A+ grades from the team due to Zach being a downer. Thanks a lot, Zach.

Special teams

@AlfieBCC: B

@ryaneatscake: B

@zach_goodall: B-

@marhsim: B+

@ryanobleness: B-

A very close consensus here as well. The addition of Josh Lambo has been a gift to this team and Brad Nortman rebounded from an awful midseason game against the Los Angeles Rams to be a solid punter.


@AlfieBCC: A-

@ryaneatscake: A

@zach_goodall: B

@marhsim: B+

@ryanobleness: B-

There’s an argument to be made that Doug Marrone and the revamped coaching staff is most responsible for this team’s turnaround in 2017. I tend to agree, but even if you don’t — and think someone like Tom Coughlin or Dave Caldwell is most responsible — this coaching staff should get a ton of credit. This is the best Jaguars team in a decade and a big reason why is Marrone’s focus, discipline, attention to detail, and willingness to create a winning gameplan around who he has and not the other way around.

I’m sorry, but any coach who is 8-4 with Blake Bortles at quarterback is among the best in the NFL.


What grade would you give the Jaguars this season?

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