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Jaguars announce 2017 coaching staff

The Jaguars have finalized their 2017 coaching staff under new head coach Doug Marrone.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have finalized their 2017 coaching staff under new head coach Doug Marrone.

On the offensive side of the ball, Nathaniel Hackett permanently retains the offensive coordinator title he inherited on an interim basis last year. Keenan McCardell will be a great receivers coach as he’s always been a great technician and route-runner.

As far as the defense, Todd Wash is the defensive coordinator for the second straight year and his staff is a little bit smaller than the offense — only six support staff to Hackett’s eight.

And finally, the special teams, Mike Mallory has been demoted to assistant under new special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis.

2017 Jaguars coaching staff

Head Coach – Doug Marrone

Offensive staff

Offensive Coordinator – Nathaniel Hackett

Offensive Line Coach – Pat Flaherty

Quarterbacks Coach – Scott Milanovich

Running Backs Coach – Tyrone Wheatley

Tight Ends Coach – Ron Middleton

Wide Receivers Coach – Keenan McCardell

Assistant Offensive Line Coach – Tony Sparano Jr.

Offense-Research – Eric Price

Offensive Assistant – John Donovan

Defensive staff

Defensive Coordinator – Todd Wash

Defensive Line Coach – Marion Hobby

Linebackers Coach – Mark Collins

Defensive Backs Coach – Perry Fewell

Assistant Defensive Line Coach – Jason Rebrovich

Assistant Defensive Backs Coach – Joe Danna

Defensive Assistant – Mike Rutenberg

Special teams staff

Special Teams Coordinator – Joe DeCamillis

Assistant Special Teams Coordinator – Mike Mallory

Coaching support staff

Assistant to the Head Coach – Tyler Wolf

Assistant to the Head Coach and Administrator of Coaching Operations – ElizaBeth Mayers