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Should the Jaguars keep Davon House?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2015 NFL offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed then free agent defensive back Davon House to a four-year, $24.5 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. It was viewed as a good gamble on an ascending player that just couldn't break their way into a talented Green Back Packers defensive backfield.

House's first season with the Jaguars ended up with what I would call a success, as he was constantly around the football and challenging receivers to make catches. There was an odd span of time however where House ended up benched for a much worse player, though the benching was short lived. The following season, last season, though House seemed to be quickly relegated to the bench in favor of top five pick Jalen Ramsey and free agent signing Prince Amukamara, even with Aaron Colvin dealing with a four game suspension.

House barely saw the field for the Jaguars in 2017 and there was never really a straight answer given as to why, exactly. Thankfully Ramsey and Amukamara did a good enough job at the cornerback position, but there was something that obviously bothered House about not playing, so I don't think it was simply because he was beat out for the position.

None the less, House is set to make $6 million this season and his deal carries no more guaranteed money, so if the Jaguars decided to part ways with House, they'd save $6 million in cap room. While the team has loads of room, you don't really want to carry a guy who's not going to even play the nickel position for that kind of money, but Amukamara is also scheduled to be a free agent, so maybe with a "new" coaching staff House can get a new lease on his Jaguars life, but personally I would be surprised if he's not released prior to the start of free agency.