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Jaguars likely have a plan for left tackle, right?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising move the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to not pick up the option of left tackle Kelvin Beachum. Most assumed the Jaguars would pick up the deal, because the cap hit and salary was about mid-level for an NFL left tackle and Beachum showed promising signs coming off an ACL injury. While Beachum wasn't a shut down left tackle, he was good enough and wasn't a turnstile at the position like the team has had the past few seasons and in the current iteration of the NFL, a solid left tackle is more than good enough to win with.

Obviously, the Jaguars have a plan going forward for the position else they wouldn't have decided to not pick up the option. I mean, right? They wouldn't willingly create another huge void of a need on a team with quite a few needs without a plan in place to fix it right?

Far be it from me to defend the Jaguars and give them the benefit of the doubt, but to me I don't think you make this move unless you have something in the works to fill the hole. It's entirely possible the Jaguars and Beachum will simply just agree to a new deal that will have some guaranteed money in the first few years or a new signing bonus, since Beachum showed he was healthy in 2016, else it's a very curious move.

The best left tackles that might hit free agency are Andrew Whitworth, Matt Kalil, Ryan Clady, and Riley Reiff. Whitworth is unlikely to actually hit free agency and I'd argue that Beachum is as good or better than the other three players. The NFL Draft isn't likely to provide a good starter at the position either, as it's viewed as a week draft for left tackles and the best one might actually be better off as a right tackle.

It's a curious move for a bad football team in need of talent, but surely they have to have a plan to have made the move.