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5 NFL free agents the Jaguars should target

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency is just a few weeks away and with the NFL Combine taking place this weekend, the shift in focus will turn to who the Jaguars could be signing in the coming weeks. There are plenty of names that the Jaguars will be linked to and could eventually signed, but I have five players that I think would be good fits for the Jaguars and players that they should aggressively target once the window opens

Kevin Zeitler, OG

The soon to be 27-year old offensive lineman is viewed by many as the best guard set to hit the open market. It doesn't appear the Bengals will be re-signing him, so with the Jaguars big time need of an upgrade on the interior he should be a primary target for the team with the window opens. Zeitler will be in heavy demand once free agency starts so he's not going to be cheap and could end up being one of, if not the highest, paid guard in the NFL when all said and done. The Jaguars have plenty of cap room to make that move, however.

Melvin Ingram, DE

While a lot of people want Jason Pierre-Paul, including myself, and I fully expect the Jaguars to pursue him, I wanted to just throw another name out there instead of picking the obvious JPP. Surprisingly it looks like the San Diego Chargers will be letting Ingram hit the open market and I'm not sure why, but he's someone that would be a great pickup for the Jaguars and likely a lot cheaper than what JPP would cost. The Jaguars aren't hurting for cap room so it's not a call for them to be cheap, but you need to pick your battles in free agency and if they're going to be heavy on someone like Zeitler, they might be better off going after the secondary target at end.

Micah Hyde, DB

It's unlikely the Jaguars bring back Johnathan Cyprien so the safety position is something that will need to be addressed. I'm not really a big fan of drafting safeties in the Top 5 of the NFL Draft, so I think the team will likely target an upgrade here in free agency, at least in the short term. Hyde has played a number of roles for the Green Bay Packers between both safety positions and insider corner. He played corner in college and was a return specialist, but I think he's someone that can fit playing a traditional strong safety role or an in-the-box role opposite Tashaun Gipson.

A.J. Bouye, CB

I'm not sure if the Jaguars are planning to bring back either Prince Amukamara or Davon House, but as of my writing this Amukamara has not been re-signed and House is still on the roster. If neither are set to be back, the Jaguars should aggressively target Bouye in free agency while Jalen Ramsey is locked in on a rookie deal and spend some money. Adding a player like Bouye opposite Ramsey in the backfield would let the Jaguars be more aggressive with coverages and blitzes.

Kyle Juszczyk, FB

A fullback? Yes, a fullback. I think the Jaguars are going to put a focus on running the football, something they've claimed they were doing the past two seasons but this year, under Tom Coughlin, I fully expect them to actually do it. New offensive coordinator Nate Hackett used a fullback during his time in Buffalo, as well as Coughlin in New York. If you're going to finally bring back the fullback to the Jaguars, you might as well bring back a really versatile one like Juszczyk who can not only block, but run the ball, catch the ball out of the backfield and play some H-back or tight end if needed.