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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Tom Coughlin preaches showing more toughness

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Tom Coughlin preaches importance of Jacksonville Jaguars showing more toughness in Friday press conference -
In a 21-minute session Friday at EverBank Field dominated by clipped-on-purpose answers, Tom Coughlin elaborated on at least one topic. The Jaguars need to get tougher in 2017.

5 thoughts on Tom Coughlin’s press conference -
n advance of the scouting combine, Jaguars Executive Vice-President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin held a press conference at Everbank Field Friday morning. Most people found the presser to be rather boring, but it’s not a surprise that Coughlin didn't give away a ton of information. I do think there were some interesting things that Coughlin did touch on though.

Tom Coughlin: Blake Bortles must cut down on turnovers -
Blake Bortles may be the Jacksonville Jaguars' starting quarterback in 2017. Or, maybe not. Bortles didn't exactly get a ringing endorsement as Tom Coughlin, the executive vice president of football operations, wouldn't say whether the Jaguars remain committed to the player they drafted third overall in 2014. However, he didn't say the Jaguars were ready to move on from Bortles, either.