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Davon House on the trading block?

A report indicates the Jaguars are shopping House.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars already have two trades set to go through on March 9th, the start of the new league year, but could another one be on the way? Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Jags could be looking to move Davon House.

This shouldn't really be that surprising, and it makes a lot of sense. House was signed in 2015 to basically become the Jaguars number one corner. Over the past two seasons, however, House appeared to fall out of favor with the coaching staff. House was benched for a short period of time in the middle of the 2015 season, but it rapidly became clear that he was better than the players behind him, and he was shortly reinstated as the starter. This past season was far different, though. House barely saw the field, playing behind Jalen Ramsey and Prince Amukumara on the outside. House claimed that the coaching staff had something personal against him, and he could never get a straight answer as to why he wasn’t playing more.

It seemed pretty obvious that House was no longer in the Jaguars plans for the future, and Rapoport’s report confirms that. Trying to trade House makes sense, because as we saw with Julius Thomas and Branden Albert, it’s better to get something in a trade than get nothing by releasing the player outright. Will a team be willing to give something up to acquire House? That remains to be seen. What is starting to become crystal clear, however, is that Tom Coughlin and the Jaguars decision makers are not pleased with this current crop of corners, outside of Jalen Ramsey. With the decision to move House, and with no signs of an Amukumara re-signing on the horizon, it looks like changes are coming in the secondary. I would expect them to either go all out on a guy in free agency, or use a high round draft choice on somebody to play opposite of Ramsey.