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Chris Snee to work with Jaguars at combine

The Jaguars announced the former lineman will assist with scouting.

Super Bowl XLVI

The new (well, kinda) Jaguars coaching and personnel staffs have been completed for a few weeks now. However, the Jags apparently aren't going to be averse to receiving help from those outside the building. The team announced today that former New York Giants offensive lineman Chris Snee would be assisting the Jaguars at this week’s scouting combine.

This is a pretty cool and interesting move, and it’s not difficult to see where the connection with Snee lies. Snee’s entire career was spent with the Giants, playing under then head coach Tom Coughlin. Coughlin also happens to be Snee’s father in law. Also, the Jaguars new offensive line coach Pat Flaherty used to coach the same position for the Giants, so the rapport is obviously there.

Snee has his fair share of accomplishments. With the Giants, he won two Super Bowls, was voted to the Pro Bowl four times, and was chosen as both a 1st team and 2nd team All Pro once each. With the previous relationships between the two parties, as well as Snee’s impressive resume, it’s easy to see why the Jaguars might value his opinion on offensive lineman.

This is an interesting move that is beneficial to both parties. For the Jaguars, they get an extra pair of eyes to look over the offensive line crop for this draft; for Snee, he gets experience working with a personnel department, should he ever choose to pursue a career in that avenue. This is widely considered a bad class for offensive lineman, so the Jaguars will need all the help they can get to evaluate these prospects, even though we expect them to address the position majorly in free agency.