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Patriots not trading Jimmy Garoppolo?

This could be very good news for the Jaguars.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

One of the biggest talking points of the NFL heading into this offseason was the Patriots potentially trading quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Many have discussed all of the possibilities of where the highly-sought after passer could end up, but we might actually finally have an answer now.

So, after all that talk and speculation, it sounds like Jimmy G is staying in New England.

Or is he?

While Schefter’s report indicates Garoppolo staying put, and that sentiment has been shared by others such as Peter King, many have wondered if this is simply negotiation tactics for the Patriots. “Actually, we’re not trading Garoppolo...because we haven’t gotten an offer that we like enough yet, and we think we can get more” - that sort of thing.

Obviously, we won’t know the outcome for sure until Garoppolo is either traded or he’s on the Patriots roster on opening day. If this report is true, however, that could bode very well for the Jaguars. The three teams selecting ahead of the Jags in next month’s draft all have a major hole at the quarterback position. While the Jaguars might be in that same boat (a discussion for another time), it’s widely believed that they will not be selecting a quarterback high. Therefore, the more teams that take a quarterback ahead of Jacksonville, the more players the Jags have to choose from when they are on the clock.

With Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo both reportedly staying put, could the Browns, 49ers, or Bears take a signal-caller with their first pick? That remains to be seen, but it would certainly be ideal. It would allow a nice pass rusher to fall to Jacksonville, someone like Jon Allen or Solomon Thomas....or possibly even Myles Garrett (sure.).

What do you think? Is Jimmy G staying in Foxborough, or is this a slick negotiation tactic by the Hoodie?