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NFL Free Agency 2017: Expect Jaguars to aggressively pursue cornerback

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had any contact with the Prince Amukamara camp since last week, according to Florida Times-Union reporter Ryan O'Halloran on Jaguars Today on 1010XL, and reports surfaced on Tuesday that the team was shopping veteran cornerback Davon House and he might get released. Couple that with the news that the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans will not be franchise tagging Stephone Gilmore and AJ Bouye, respectively.

All signs point to the Jaguars aggressively targeting a cornerback in free agency and I would be surprised if the team did not emerge on the first or second day of free agency with one of the top available cornerbacks.

Sure, the 2017 NFL Draft is loaded with cornerback talent, but signing one of the top tier corners in free agency does not and should not prevent you from drafting a corner as well. The Jaguars need to add more talent at the position after Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Colvin and whoever else they decide to keep.

The sudden loss of top talent in the free agency pull at the defensive end position should push the team more towards prioritizing a cornerback, because if you can't address the end position with a top veteran the next best thing you can do is add another top flight corner opposite Ramsey to help out your defensive lineman and the likely rookie defensive end you're likely going to be drafting early in a few months.

Something I touched on when talking about Amukamara last week was the fact that the team does not have a lot of capital sunk into the corner position. You do have Colvin entering the last year of his rookie deal, but Jalen Ramsey is cost-locked until after the 2019 season and you currently have a hole at the other corner position with mountains of salary cap room. This is the prime time to pay a veteran corner to place on the other side opposite Ramsey and by the time it comes to give him a new deal, that cap hit will be coming off the books.

Most notably though, looking at everything the Jaguars are doing right now behind the scenes, it seems pretty clear cornerback is going to be one of their top priorities in free agency next week.