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Could Jaguars be a dark horse for Tony Romo?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone expects soon-to-be former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to end up with either the Houston Texans or the Denver Broncos, but could there be a dark horse team out there in for his services? Michael Silver of NFL Network certainly thinks that is the case and while he didn't specifically name drop the Jacksonville Jaguars, he did offer this up on Twitter for all of us to freak out about.

I will say personally, I would not make the move for Romo, but ... YOLO.

Silver has been very reliable for some out there Jaguars reports, and again he's not reporting that the Jaguars are the third team looming out there, but it could make some sense Coughlin is not tied to Bortles, the team hasn't picked up the fifth-year option on him and the contract given to veteran Chad Henne is very cut-able.

I don't think Jacksonville is more attractive than the other places, but they do offer similar things. Coughlin is very familiar with Romo, having played in the same division as him for a decade.

Like I said, I don't think anything will come of at (at least that I've heard as I'm typing this) but this is what the offseason is for. Speculation.