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Tom Coughlin loves Branden Albert

Branden Albert caught Coughlin’s eye years ago.

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Jaguars trade to acquire tackle Branden Albert from the Miami Dolphins became official yesterday, and the team held a press conference for Albert today at Everbank Field, just like they did for the new free agent signings. During his press conference, Albert was asked about Tom Coughlin, and the importance he had in Albert being there, and Albert divulged that he had caught Coughlin’s eye years ago.

Bobby Hart, two years ago, we played the Giants. And Bobby Hart texted me, he’s a young right tackle over there, and I know him personally. And I guess they do scouting each week of players, and he told me ‘Coach Coughlin doesn’t give ANYBODY compliments, but he loved Branden Albert for some reason’. I read it somewhere in the newspaper about some of the stuff he was saying about me at that time, and now that I get to meet him and the football brain that he has, and its a big compliment. And that’s another reason why I was meant to be here.

Given the details of the story, it’s not surprising that the Jaguars decided to make a trade and acquire Albert. Obviously, Tom Coughlin feels that Albert is more than a capable player, and that he can bring some above average play to the left tackle position.

Bobby Hart confirmed the story to me on Twitter, but for whatever reason, he has since deleted the tweet.