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Jaguars salary cap space updated to $41.5 million

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, we updated the Jacksonville Jaguars salary cap space to be $57 million, which seemed rather high given the contracts that they have dished out this past weekend. There was a disclaimer on that figure however, because the NFLPA figure is based only off of contracts that have been processed.

As the NFLPA does every day, they've once again updated the cap figure for all 32 teams and the cap space has gone down. The Jaguars still have a ton of money however, clocking in now at $41.5 million, which is still among the tops in the league.

When I checked the figure on Monday, the Jaguars only had 69 players under contract, but on Tuesday that figure was updated to 75 players. I don't know which players were added, but by the dip in actual cap room I'm sure you can guess it was likely Calais Campbell and Barry Church, given their deals have a much bigger cap hit in year one than A.J. Bouye does.

Even so, as mentioned... it's not something to worry about.