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Should the Jaguars be interested in Chase Daniel?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One position the Jacksonville Jaguars haven't really given any hint to adding to has been the quarterback position. By all accounts, Blake Bortles will be the Jaguars starting quarterback in 2017 and that hasn't really been up for much debate. The bigger debate has been if the Jaguars should bring in competition for Bortles and who they should bring in.

On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to release veteran Chase Daniel after bringing back Nick Foles. Daniel is someone that a lot of people mentioned as a guy a team might give a shot to as a starter, though they'd need to trade for him. Now that Daniel is a free agent though, is he someone the Jaguars should pursue as a competition for Bortles?

Probably, but I'd be surprised if they do.

There's a few reasons for that.

First, Daniel is probably going to want to go somewhere that he has a legitimate shot at starting and the Jaguars are not that somewhere. It's possible Daniel could be better than Bortles, but the Jaguars aren't going to let Daniel beat out Bortles unless they legitimately believe Daniel is at least a short-term (2-3 seasons) answer at the quarterback position. Not only that, but he'd have to absolutely blow Bortles out of the water, performance wise, for it to happen. It's not a fair fight and it never is. Before the "competition", teams know who they want to win. As my pal Joe Goodberry said on Twitter, it's like setting up a fake obstacle course for the guy you want to win and then praising him when he wins.

Second, anyone the Jaguars bring in has to be legitimately comfortable with being a backup. Daniel, at 30, probably isn't going to settle for that at this point in his career as a free agent. That's not to say Daniel would be an issue as a backup quarterback, I'm sure he'd be a good teammate and fall in line like he has every stop he's been, but there has to be mutual interest and Daniel has to know in a situation like Jacksonville, the deck is going to be insanely stacked in Bortles favor. That's a big reason the Jaguars re-signed Chad Henne. He knows exactly what his role is and he knows the Jaguars are going to be absolutely sure Bortles isn't the answer at quarterback, which they will only know if he plays next season.

There will likely be a quarterback competition on the Jaguars in training camp, but it won't involve Bortles. It will be between Henne, Brandon Allen and likely a rookie.