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Latavius Murray signs with Vikings

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings signed free agent running back Latavius Murray, the team announced early Thursday morning. The deal is reportedly a three-year deal, though terms have not yet been reported. Murray spent Monday at EverBank Field with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a free agent visit, but ultimately left without a contract.

It's not a surprise the Jaguars had some cursory interest in a free agent runningback, as the run game last season was a disaster. Part of the was because Chris Ivory had a sudden injury issue prior to the Week 1 game that kind of derailed his whole season and T.J. Yeldon just proved he's not the work horse type of back.

The Murray interest was interesting, because he's very similar to Ivory in play style but he wasn't a very effective runner behind a good Oakland Raiders offensive line in 2016. The interest also made it seem as if the Jaguars weren't totally set on picking a runningback with the No. 4 overall pick, like many people think. The Jaguars have not yet shown interest in any other free agent runningback's, however.