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2017 Jaguars NFL Draft: O.J. Howard film breakdown

The Jacksonville Jaguars were predicted to pick Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in Todd McShay’s latest mock draft for ESPN, so we thought there was no better time to get caught up on some of his film breakdowns.

Brett Kollmann of Battle Red Blog put together a scouting video on Howard — enjoy!

Honestly, I wouldn’t hate the Jaguars going after him in the first round. The offense was more at fault for the 3-13 record last year than the defense and tight end is the most glaring need on that side of the ball. Relying on a rookie at any position isn’t preferable... but Howard is a damn good football player.

What do you think? If Howard is the pick at No. 4 do you think it’s the Jaguars’ best option? Or do you think there are more pressing needs on this roster that a tight end feels like a wasted pick?