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Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 NFL Draft needs

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have essentially made all of the major free agent signings they'll make this offseason, so we can now re-assess their needs heading into the 2017 NFL Draft. The team addressed a handful of them bringing in veterans, but there are still areas that need to be strengthened in the upcoming draft.

I will note these needs are ranked based on my personal opinion of what the team needs and what they currently have on the roster. Yes, quarterback is a need, but I'm not going to make it the No. 1 need because Blake Bortles is starting Week 1 until he isn't.

Here's how I'd rank the Top 5 needs after free agency has settled.

1. Cornerback

While the Jaguars did spend a ton of money bringing in A.J. Bouye in free agency, beyond Bouye and second-year corner Jalen Ramsey, there isn't much in regards to outside cornerback behind them. Sure, in a pinch Aaron Colvin could fill in, but it's pretty clear he's viewed as predominantly an inside corner. After Colvin is Josh Johnson, who also is more of a nickel corner. I don't expect the Jaguars to use the No. 4 overall pick or even a second rounder on corner, but this is an area they'll need to address in the draft, maybe with multiple picks.

2. Left End

Like corner, the Jaguars spent money in free agency to add to their defensive line in the form of Calais Campbell. Campbell will be playing strongside end (LDE) for the Jaguars predominantly, as well as kicking outside. A position where the Jaguars had a ton of depth at before now lacks that depth. The only other real LDE on the roster is Johnathan Woodard, a late round pick from 2016 who ruptured his Achilles in the preseason. Unlike corner, I think this will be a position the Jaguars address early on in the 2017 NFL draft.

3. Guard

I didn't specify which guard position as the need because I think you can add to either side. A.J. Cann has the ability to play both guard positions, but seemed to struggle at the right guard position. He played left in college and that's where he looked pretty good at for the Jaguars. Either way, guard is something the team is likely to address in the first few rounds of the draft. They do have bodies there however they can get by with if they miss out.

4. Tight End

Like the guard position, the Jaguars have guys they can get by with at the tight end position, but they could use an upgrade overall. Marcedes Lewis is a base formation in-line tight end and Ben Koyack might be able to play that role, but overall they're missing more  bodies of the type of tight end that Tom Coughlin hinted they'll be looking for going forward. That means I probably wouldn't get your hopes about over some of the interesting move tight ends in the draft and more so the all-around tight ends.

5. Runningback

This is probably much lower than most people will list, but I think the team is OK at runningback if they don't add any this offseason. That being said, I'm confident they will in the draft, because it's deep with talented backs, but I don't think it will be very early like some. Sure, Leonard Fournette at four would logically make a lot of sense, but if you have a healthy Chris Ivory splitting time with T.J. Yeldon and a rookie with more the scheme of what was used the last two weeks, you're OK. It won't be a strength, but it should be OK.