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2017 NFL relocation: The Raiders moved, not the Jaguars

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has decided that the Oakland Raiders are no more. The Las Vegas Raiders will begin play in 2019 after enough money has been siphoned out of public education I mean after the requisite time has been allowed to prepare for a move across state lines for an NFL franchise.

And would you look at that — the people making Jacksonville Jaguars relocation jokes have come out of hibernation.

Shad Khan keeps sinking money into not only the stadium the Jaguars play in, but to the surrounding area and parts of the city. Khan has explicitly said, multiple times, he has no desire to move the Jaguars.

Stop trying to move the Jaguars, morons. All you do, when you "speculate" is make yourself look like a willful idiot. The information as to why it’s not logical for the Jaguars to relocate is available for everyone. It’s on the Internet. Just Google it, y’all.

Sorry, everyone! The Jaguars aren’t moving to Oakland. Or London. Or Chicago. Or St. Louis. Or San Diego. Or the moon.