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Jalen Ramsey wants the Jaguars to draft every Florida State player ever

If Jalen Ramsey gets his wish, the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to add a whole bunch of Florida State players in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Speaking to the media at Florida State’s pro day in Tallahassee on Tuesday afternoon, Ramsey was asked what he thought the Jaguars should do in the draft next month.

Here are Ramsey’s full comments below:

“I like Dalvin [Cook] at 4. Demarcus [Walker] at 35. Marquez [White] in the third round. Freddie Stevenson bring him on. Kermit Whitfield, fast, bring him on.”

What do you think about General Manager Jalen’s plans? Will running back Dalvin Cook, defensive end Demarcus Walker, and defensive back Marquez White in the first three rounds be better than who newly hired Executive VP of Football Operations Tom Coughlin decides to go with? Or do you have more faith in Coughlin?

(Oh, and I’m totally down with Kermit Whitfield as an undrafted free agent, tbph.)