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Jaguars free agency: Would Stephen Gilmore play for Doug Marrone again?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be looking to add some free agents at the end of the week, with the NFL free agency window officially opening on Thursday afternoon. New head coach Doug Marrone will likely be looking for some players he has familiarity with and the team will undoubtedly be looking to upgrade the cornerback position after not re-signing Prince Amukamara and release of Davon House. One of the names that has been floated as a possibility of signing in Jacksonville is cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who played previously for Marrone when he was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

The question is, would Gilmore bury the hatchet and play for Marrone again?

We all know the story of how Marrone left the Bills, since Buffalo media won't let us forget about it any chance they get in a press conference to ask about it, but there were a few players who were also upset with how things went down. Gilmore was one of the Bills players who spoke out on the issue, which I think is worth mentioning before we head to free agency.

"He left, so I feel like we upgraded," Gilmore told The Associated Press back in October of 2015. "We're happy that it happened."

"When coaches come in, they always say 'being loyal.' And he left unexpectedly," Gilmore continued. "It was kind of a shock. I don't know what the reason was for, but we're happy we got Rex. He's a loyal coach."

This was all a few months after the wounds were fresh and Rex Ryan has since been fired and Gilmore decided to move on from Buffalo and hit free agency, so it's possible things have softened since then, but it's worth considering when Gilmore is at the top of the free agent class of a position the Jaguars have to fill.