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Jared Odrick files $5.5 million grievance against Jaguars

The free agent has a bone to pick with the Jaguars

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Jacksonville Jaguars cut defensive end Jared Odrick, and Odrick didn't seem to be too upset with the move. Following up on that, a new report from Tom Pelissero shows that the Jags and Odrick have some unfinished business.

There isn't much information currently available on the situation. Reading into Pelissero’s tweet, it sounds like the Jaguars are refusing to pay Odrick part of his guaranteed salary, claiming that he voided it by not showing up for checkups during his injury rehab.

It's obvious that the Jaguars are establishing a new culture full of demands and expectations, but it’s unclear if this was part of the reason Odrick was released. It was reported by certain outlets that Odrick was cut with a failed physical designation, but I don't believe that was ever confirmed. Boy, that 2015 free agent class is shaping up to be one to forget, huh? Odrick was released and is filing a grievance, Julius Thomas is being shipped to Miami for a 7th round pick, Davon House was cut earlier in the day, and many expect that Dan Skuta could be a dead man walking.

In related news, you might remember that last week we also talked about the possibility of the NFLPA filing a grievance against the Jaguars for a similar situation, requiring players to spend time in Jacksonville during injury rehabs. According to Pelissero, the parties have moved on from that issue.

We’ll update these stories as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Tom Pelissero has confirmed that Odrick WAS cut with a failed physical designation, and has offered some other details on the contract and situation.

UPDATE TWO: Pelissero has also offered an update on the Jaguars requiring players to rehab in Jax.