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Look at all these fools who think they wouldn’t die facing former Jaguars players

If given dozens of chances, could you match up against a former Jacksonville Jaguars player?

That was the question we posed yesterday — offering several football situations against Jaguars stars of old and seeing who thought they stood any sort of chance.

And there are hundreds of you who think way too highly of yourselves.

Without further ado, here are the polls and here are how many fools who think they stand any kind of chance against the likes of Leon Searcy, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, and more.

You vs. Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew has been out of football since 2014 (well, 2013 if you really think about it) but he’d still grind out at least a yard.

You, on the other hand, will reenact this GIF for as many of the 100 snaps you’d survive.

You’re dead after one rush for -4 yards.


You vs. Jimmy Smith vs. Jalen Ramsey

Hundreds of you think you’re catching anything thrown remotely near you with Jalen Ramsey on coverage. You’re not catching the ball in practice in a walkthrough much less in an NFL game.

You after one route against Ramsey:


You vs. Fred Taylor


You vs. Tony Boselli

First, you’re not lasting 10 snaps. You’ve got one, maybe two in you right now. Probably just one. Definitely just one.

Second, this is you before the ball is even snapped.

Sorry, everyone.

You vs. Greg Jones

Look at all these people who want to die.

You vs. Leon Searcy

Even Leon thinks you’re all insane.

Boselli makes me actually fear even tweeting such a question.

I have the fear of God put in me from just the responses from players. I can’t imagine actually facing them.

BONUS: You vs. Blake Bortles

Love you, Blake.