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Round table discussion: The Jaguars removed their beloved locker room ping pong table, where do we go from here?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a licking and kept on ticking. But the pinging and the ponging has come to an end.

In a move that has saddened teammates, fans, and local members of the community, the ping pong table have been removed from the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room.

Newly hired Executive VP of Football Operations Tom Coughlin and head coach Doug Marrone, two men known for their no-nonsense approach to the game of football and a propensity for power struggles in NFL locker rooms, are thought to be the men behind the removal of the beloved ping pong table.

There’s a lot to say about taking away a man’s ping pong table, so we have Big Cat Country writers past and present reflecting on today’s events.

Alfie Crow

It’s a sad day for the Jaguars, with the removal of the ping pong table. I think I'll miss it the most out of all the media. The soothing popping sound while transcribing quotes from audio or video is no more. It really helped me focus on the cadence of the player or coach speaking, with the back and forth, the ping and pong if you will.

Ryan Day

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I couldn’t be happier. This is exactly the kind of tough love this team needs. It may not seem like much, but it’s indicative of the type of culture that Tom and Doug are going to bring and I think getting rid of distractions like this will keep the team focused on what’s important — winning. In all honesty, I think it adds at least one or two more wins to the final record for 2017.

Hank Joness

wtf is going on here?

Cole Hartley

Did you know that ping pong was originally called “whiff-whaff?” Glad someone changed it. “Beer whaff” sounds like a pretty shitty college game. Also, whiff-whaff was invented in Victorian England. Looks like Coughlin is doing all he can to distance his team from the “London” narrative.

What do you think about the removal of the ping pong table? Let us know in the comments below.