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2017 NFL Schedule: Jaguars with no prime time game for first time in franchise history

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Schedule has finally been released, so we know all the dates and times of the games. The Jaguars have an interesting first half of the season, with a lot of games away from EverBank Field. One of those games includes a 9:30 AM kickoff against the Baltimore Ravens in London.

One interesting note on the Jaguars schedule is the fact that there is not a single prime time game.

Not even for Thursday Night Football.

Previously, the NFL mandated that every team would play on Thursday Night Football at least one time, but that mandate has now gone away after waning ratings with a lot of bad football games in the spot light. It shouldn't be a surprise that the Jaguars don't have a single game, as they're coming off a 3-13 season, have a new head coach and a quarterback many don't think will be successful.

That's not really a team that the league wants to showcase on prime time, because simply they're not a team that will draw viewers. There's always the chance one of the Jaguars games later in the season gets flexed to Sunday Night Football, but they'd need to be in the thick of the playoff hunt and playing some really good football.