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2017 NFL schedule: Our way-too-early Jaguars win-loss predictions

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 schedule is here and you know what that means — way-too-early win-loss predictions and guesstimations based on incomplete rosters before the draft is upon us.

(Hey, you knew this was coming, right?)

Here are our predictions for how a pivotal season for a lot of key players on the Jaguars will play out:

Sept. 10 at Houston Texans — WIN (1-0)

Hey, why not? It’s Week 1 and I’m ready for some fluke win. Even with Blake Bortles at quarterback, we still nearly beat this team in Houston last year. And by taking away A.J. Bouye, their loss has become our gain.

Sept. 17 vs. Tennessee Titans — LOSS (1-1)

I think the more accurate prediction is that of the first two games, the Jaguars drop one. I think this one is the more likely. The Titans have the best quarterback, the best running game, and the best offensive line in the division. They’re the team to beat to win the AFC South this year.

Sept. 24 vs. Baltimore Ravens (LONDON) — WIN (2-1)

Even against better teams in years past, London has been a true home field advantage for the Jaguars.

Oct. 1 at New York Jets — LOSS (2-2)

The Jaguars will need to start fast and coming out of the gate 3-1 looks like a possibility when you view it on paper. But I think they drop one they should win — and this week is the most likely to me.

Oct. 8 at Pittsburgh Steelers — LOSS (2-3)

We ain’t beating this team on the road.

Oct. 15 vs. Los Angeles Rams — WIN (3-3)

I had to actually think about this one and that’s sad. But I still think we win.

Oct. 22 at Indianapolis Colts — LOSS (3-4)

This is the game we’ll point to where it all starts to unravel. It’ll be an ugly game marred by mistake after mistake and the Colts will come out winners and it’ll send the Jaguars into a tailspin through midseason.

Nov. 5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals — LOSS (3-5)

That Bengals offensive line has lost a few key guys, but Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, and whatever running back they draft in the second round are going to control the game.

Nov. 12 vs. Los Angeles Chargers — LOSS (3-6)

Gus Bradley returning and beating us in Jacksonville is a very Jaguars thing to happen and it is completely unavoidable. Philip Rivers has been an All-Pro against us and it will only continue in 2017.

Nov. 19 at Cleveland Browns — LOSS (3-7)

On a neutral field apart from a losing streak, I think the Jaguars could win. After three straight losses (with the latest being to Gus Bradley) I think a cloud stays with this team until season’s end.

Nov. 26 at Arizona Cardinals — LOSS (3-8)

See Pittsburgh game.

Dec. 3 vs. Indianapolis Colts — WIN (4-8)

This is a get-right game if there ever is one and I think the losing ends temporarily. The Jaguars have dominated the Colts at home as of late.

Dec. 10 vs. Seattle Seahawks — LOSS (4-9)

One team will be gearing up for the playoffs, the other will be the Jaguars. I think this one will be closer than people think, but it will be a loss to a superior team — even one making the cross-country trip and playing at 10am their local time.

Dec. 17 vs. Houston Texans — LOSS (4-10)

The middle of this schedule will be brutal and even though a matchup looks closer than this on paper, the fatigue of having lost six of their last seven will take its toll.

Dec. 24 at San Francisco 49ers — WIN (5-10)

The 49ers will be in complete disarray by this point and I think this is one the Jaguars can squeak out. Cross-country trips have been brutal for this team though so I wouldn’t be surprised by a 24-9 loss.

Dec. 31 at Tennessee Titans — LOSS (5-11)

The AFC South will be on the line for the Titans and they win it to secure a spot in the playoffs.

What do you think? Are we too cynical? Or is five or six wins about what you expect out of this team in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!