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What the Jaguars need in the draft: Running back

The next position group we will look at that the Jacksonville Jaguars could/will upgrade in the 2017 NFL Draft is the running back position.

The Starter: Chris Ivory

The Backups: T.J. Yeldon, Corey Grant, Bronson Hill, Daryl Richardson

What they need: The Jaguars need someone who can contribute on Day 1 either in rotation or as the full time starter.

Like the offensive line, the running back position is one that I think the Jaguars should look to upgrade, but also that they are OK at if they choose not to. I have no doubts the team will add at least one running back in the upcoming NFL Draft, maybe two, but between Ivory and Yeldon they have enough to get things done as long as both stay healthy.

The real debate comes where do you look to pull that running back from? Do you take Leonard Fournette or Christian McCaffery at No. 4 overall, or do you be patient and pull from a deep crop in the second or third round? Either way, the Jaguars will look to add at least one in the draft who can come in right away and contribute by either committee or as the full time starter as a rookie.