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Jaguars draft rumors include a lot of 'it might be a surprise'

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2017 NFL Draft is just days away, which means we're going to start hearing a lot of rumors. Some of it is true, some of it is misdirection, but the most important thing is we have no idea whatsoever. The latest scuttlebutt about the Jacksonville Jaguars is very interesting, in that it doesn't really say anyone specific other than it could end up being a surprise.

First, Mike Silver of NFL Network dropped this little nugget that it could end up being a surprise pick. Now, really this could mean anything but if we take it at face value, what doesn't constitute a surprise at No. 4 overall for the Jacksonville Jaguars? In my opinion that rules out Leonard Fournette, Jon Allen and Solomon Thomas. Those are the most common picks mocked to the Jaguars, so they wouldn't really be a surprise. I don't think Cam Robinson would be considered a surprise, either.

So what would be a "surprise"? I would say a quarterback, which ever one, would be a big time surprise to most people. I also think O.J. Howard would end up being a surprise, as well as someone like Christian McCaffery. Maybe the team really is ready to dump Tashaun Gipson after a season ($8.2 million in dead money) and pick one of the safeties. That would be a surprise. Cornerback, while a need, I think would also be a shock.

Then you have John Oehser of saying on Jaguars Today on 1010XL he thinks it could end up being a surprise and may not come from either Allen or Thomas, two of the more obvious consensus choices. Oehser also mentioned that he's not sure about running back at No. 4 overall because of the historical value and he's not sure about offensive line either, as it hasn't been kind the past few years picking that high.

Oehser also mentioned he's really gone back and forth on quarterback with the No. 4 overall pick, but he thinks ultimately whoever they pick at No. 4 could be a surprise to a lot of people.

Peter King of MMQB and Sports Illustrated had this nugget in his latest MMQB column:

4. Jacksonville
RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

Jags' needs do not match this draft. Need a tackle. Watch for Deshaun Watson here too.

Emphasis is mine, but this has become a growing trend as we get closer to the draft. It's very smoky around the quarterback campfire in Jacksonville, so it has to make you wonder. If you really have to "win now", there's no better way to do that than upgrading  your quarterback.

King isn't the first person to make that connection, as we've seen guys like NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah make the same point, as well as Cris Collinsworth of NBC Sports and Albert Breer of MMQB just today on a Periscope Q&A saying the pick could be Fournette, but the interest in Watson is very real..