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Guess the Jaguars draft picks, win some Bold City Brewery beer!

Think you know who the Jacksonville Jaguars will pick in the 2017 NFL Draft? You could win some local beer from Bold City Brewery’s new downtown location.

It’s simple — comment below with who you think the Jaguars pick and in what round. The person with the most right answers will win three free crowlers at the Bold City Brewery downtown location of the beer of their choosing. In the case of a tie, the winner is whomever commented first. (So vote early!)

For example, your entry comment may look like this:

Round 1 - Solomon Thomas

Round 2 - Joe Mixon

Round 3 - Nate Peterman

Round 4 - Jordan Leggett

Round 5 - Avery Gennesy

Round 6 - Matt Milano

Round 7 - Rodney Adams

Round 7 - Brendan Langley

And yes, trades are in play. It’s whoever comes closest to who the Jaguars actually draft. Keep the possibility of the Jaguars moving up or down or out of an entire round in mind when making your guesses.

What’s a crowler?

In short, a Crowler is a giant, 32 ounce can. They get filled at any normal tap line, but you need a Crowler sealing machine to cap it. And you’re in luck — because Bold City Brewery’s downtown location has one.


You must be at least 21 years of age at time of comment to win. Comments submitted after 7:55pm EST on Thursday, April 27th will not be valid. The winner must redeem their prize at the downtown location of Bold City Brewery (109 East Bay Street) and must coordinate their pickup with @BoldCityBrewery.