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NFL Draft rumors: Jaguars taking a quarterback at 4?

Are the Jaguars going signal-caller early?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now just two days away from the 2017 NFL Draft. At this point, it’s almost hard to breathe, due to being suffocated with all kinds of rumors for every team. However, it is kind of a fun process, as nobody seems to have any true clue as to what any team is doing on Thursday. Just in the past 24 hours, the Jaguars have been linked to Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Solomon Thomas, Jonathan Allen, Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore, OJ Howard, Cam Robinson, and almost anyone else you can think of.

Obviously, quarterback would be the biggest move for the Jags to make, and Greg Gabriel of Pro Football Weekly seems to be hearing that could very well be the case.

Now, it should be stressed that this is obviously just a rumor. Depending on who you ask, Gabriel is either someone you can trust or someone who just throws stuff to the wall to see what sticks. However, he’s just the latest in line to connect the Jaguars to a quarterback, so it seems that it’s at least possible that there’s an actual fire providing all of this smoke.

As Gabriel notes, he’s not sure who it is that the Jaguars are targeting. If they are going to take a passer fourth overall, who do you hope it is?

UPDATE: The Jags /QB smoke keeps on coming. Keith Britton of 923 The Fan in Cleveland had this to say on the subject.

This is either one of the most elaborate smokescreens in recent memory, or the Jaguars are seriously considering a quarterback with their top pick. Stay tuned.