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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Tom Coughlin was an answer on Jeopardy!

Jacksonville Jaguars EVP Tom Coughlin an answer on Jeopardy! -

Are the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars close to making a draft day trade? -
The Cleveland Browns are reportedly talking with three teams in the top-8 of the 2017 NFL Draft about moving up from their No. 12 overall selection, according to Mike Silver of NFL Network.

Ranking the No. 4 overall picks from the last 10 drafts -
The Jaguars currently own the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft. With the selection process starting in a matter of hours, the Jaguars will need to zero in on their next foundational player. While picking in the top five typically offers you the best chance at landing a star player, history shows that picking at number four isn't always the best bet for success (though it's been on a hot streak as of late).