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2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Draft: Day 1 live blog

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The 2017 NFL Draft is here. It is actually here. And the rumors about what the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to do in the first round are swirling. Will they go with the chalk pick in Leonard Fournette? Will they shock the world with Deshaun Watson? Will they try and trade down a few spots and grab an extra Day 2 pick?

We’ll be updating this live blog all day (and running live blogs every day of the draft) and packing in every rumor, piece of news, and mention of the Jaguars.

Live blog

11:44 PM: Night, everyone! See you in the second round.


10:22 PM: The Tennessee Titans needed a wide receiver and a cornerback in the first round. They got a wide receiver and a cornerback in the first round.

9:58 PM: They needed help in the secondary. Malik Hooker fell farther than people thought he would.

9:43 PM: I actually really like this pick. Haason Reddick is a beast, can play a lot of different positions.

9:36 PM: The Houston Texans traded up to get Deshaun Watson and Jalen Ramsey is the only sane one in the building.

9:31 PM: New Orleans Saints add Marshon Lattimore to their secondary.

9:17 PM: Happy for my Kansas City Chiefs friends.


9:12 PM: I’m just glad he didn’t go to the AFC South.


8:59 PM: It’s a deep defensive draft. Get the offensive players while you can. Mike Williams goes to the San Diego Chargers.

8:51 PM: Jamal Adams is apparently a great actor so he’ll do well in New York.

8:43 PM: The Titans upgraded at wide receiver. HOW SURPRISING.

8:31 PM: It’s official — Leonard Fournette. Let’s heal together, everyone.

8:29 PM: So sad.

8:24 PM: When you spend four draft picks on Mitch Trubisky >>>>>



8:14 PM: Myles Garrett goes No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns!

7:40 PM: Someone is trading up for Solomon Thomas or Leonard Fournette. I KNOW IT.

4:08 PM: Do the right thing, Jaguars.

3:35 PM: Oh.

2:19 PM: Why would you do this? Why is this in the best interest of anybody?

1:33 PM: If you want a quarterback, don’t play around. Get him.

1:26 PM: The Tennessee Titans are gonna have Christian McCaffery and Marcus Mariota 2:109in their backfield, aren’t they?

1:15 PM: My heart wants Deshaun Watson. My head says go with Solomon Thomas.

11:35 AM: Definitely would not hate it. Set up the offense well for whoever the quarterback is in 2018.

9:49 AM: Tom Coughlin seems like the kind of guy who would say, “I can like a player and not draft him.”

9:14 AM: Not only this the least exciting player they could draft who isn’t an offensive lineman, I still don’t think Leonard Fournette is a good fit for the Jaguars. And neither does Maurice Jones-Drew.

8:35 AM: If Deshaun Watson is the guy at No. 4 overall, it’s an obvious sign that Tom Coughlin is in charge. It’s a hell of a power play (and it’s the right pick).

7:00 AM: If Alvin Kamara can fall to the top of the third round, I think that would be huge. I doubt the Jaguars wait that long to get a running back though.