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2017 NFL Draft: Do the Jaguars have any players to trade?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars head towards the 2017 NFL Draft with eight picks overall. The Jaguars ended up with another pick with trading tight end Julius Thomas to the Miami Dolphins for a seventh round pick. The big question is, do the Jaguars have the ability to net more draft picks during the draft by trading off some of the players they may not have an idea for going forward. I doubt the team ends up trading anyone during the draft, but hey it's something different to talk about.

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell also didn't deny they had tradable assets in the pre-draft luncheon with the media.

"I think we have assets on the roster," Caldwell said at the luncheon. "Whether or not we are willing to part with them or whether a team is willing to give us good value for them is another story. There are guys we could trade, but there are guys we are not going to trade."

Here's a few players I think could have trade value during the 2017 NFL Draft:

Aaron Colvin: If the Jaguars pick up a couple of corners in the draft, I could see the Jaguars netting a Day 3 pick for Colvin. He's in the final year of his contract and I would say it's unlikely the team brings him back. Heck, he may not want to come back with what the team has invested in corner, because he'd be stuck as a nickel guy.

Paul Posluszny: I'm not sure Poz has much trade value, but I struggle to see his move to SAM linebacker working out. Maybe someone would value him as a starter at MLB for a season or two and give up a Day 3 pick if they miss on a linebacker early?

Allen Hurns: This is just pick one from left field, but, with contract years coming up for both Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson, maybe the team tries to flip Hurns for a mid-round pick to a team who really needs a receiver?

T.J. Yeldon: If the team picks up Leonard Fournette at four, he's going to be the feature back. Yeldon has been underwhelming when put in the spotlight, but maybe a team values him in a scheme more fitting to his skills?

Tashaun Gipson: What if the Jaguars covet one of the safeties and pick the at No. 4 overall? Could they try to move Gipson for a pick to a team looking for a free safety? He allegedly had a market when he was a free agent and beyond the 2017 season, his contract is very manageable.

Blake Bortles: Crazy right? I'm only throwing him in there because of all the rumors about the Jaguars liking Deshaun Watson and him being mocked to the No. 4 pick. If the team did make that pick, which I'm not sure they do, you'd think it would spell the end for Bortles right? Could you get anything from a team looking for a backup and to maybe try to fix him and roll with a rookie or Brandon Allen? Someone did trade for Blaine Gabbert, after all.

Overall I'd be surprised if the team traded any players during the draft, because it's just not something that happens and of the players they could get real value for, they won't want to part with them.