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2017 NFL Draft: How does the Jaguars offense change with Deshaun Watson?

How would the Jaguars change if Deshaun Watson is the pick at the top of the draft?

The Jacksonville Jaguars could go a number of ways with the No. 4 overall pick and the boldest course of action they could take would be picking Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

So, how would this team change if Watson is the pick at the top of the draft?

Honestly, more than scheme I think Watson would mean an entire culture change for this Jaguars team. He's a culture-maker. He's a leader. And I think he completely rejuvenates a team desperately in need of some new life. Eric Stoner talked about this on the latest episode of Keep Choppin' Wood, but it's obvious when a locker room doesn't believe in their quarterback -- and I fear that's what's happened with Blake Bortles.

Watson is a confident, strong-armed quarterback who knows how to win. His biggest knock is that his deep passes are inaccurate and inconsistent, but that's not what this offense needs. Give the Jaguars a guy who can hit the short or intermediate throws of 10-20 yards and this team competes for the AFC South in 2017.

If Watson is the pick, this team looks and feels different from top to bottom. And after a decade of losing, injecting some hope into this franchise is a tall task.