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Ryan O’Halloran: I think the Jaguars take Deshaun Watson

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Appearing as part of the The Frangie Show on 1010XL radio, Florida Times-Union reporter Ryan O’Halloran said he predicts the Jacksonville Jaguars will select Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

This is a narrowing down from his prediction earlier this morning that the Jaguars would take “Fournette, Watson, or Howard”.

More than scheme I think Watson would mean an entire culture change for this Jaguars team. He's a culture-maker. He's a leader. And I think he completely rejuvenates a team desperately in need of some new life. Eric Stoner talked about this on the latest episode of Keep Choppin' Wood, but it's obvious when a locker room doesn't believe in their quarterback — and I fear that's what's happened with Blake Bortles.

Watson is a confident, strong-armed quarterback who knows how to win. His biggest knock is that his deep passes are inaccurate and inconsistent, but that's not what this offense needs. Give the Jaguars a guy who can hit the short or intermediate throws of 10-20 yards and this team competes for the AFC South in 2017.

If Watson is the pick, this team looks and feels different from top to bottom.