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The Jaguars drafted 2014's No. 4 recruit to block for 2014's No. 1 recruit

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ running game is built on the cornerstone of some of the most highly recruited and ranked players ever out of high school.

In the class of 2014, LSU running back Leonard Fournette and Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett battled for the title of No. 1 overall recruit. Fournette edged out the title overall, but another recruit was often mentioned as potentially being the best in the country: Alabama OT Cam Robinson.

Three years later, Fournette went No. 4 overall to the Jaguars, and Robinson followed at pick 34 as a contender to be one of Fournette’s new convoys. That means we’ve got the No. 4 overall recruit blocking for the No. 1 overall recruit from 2014.

The two ended up playing for SEC West rivals, where Robinson’s Tide got the better of Fournette’s Tigers, thanks largely to Bama’s defense bottling up the runner. Robinson won the 2016 Outland Trophy, intended for the country’s best interior lineman, and Fournette was an annual Heisman contender.

In Jacksonville, Fournette faces a little bit less of a stacked deck — the Jaguars have struggled, but it’s not like the Colts get the No. 1 draft class every year, like Bama does — and he now has one of the most purely talented linemen ever on his side.